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Your Questions About Credit Scores Scale

Richard asks…

Where can I find the scale for credit scores?

What does you credit score have be to go from fair credit to good credit? Good credit to excellent credit?

Credit-Repair-Guy answers:

This is what our mortgage broker told us in “real life” terms

1. Below 500- Truley awful and and almost takes work to get it that low.

2. 500-550. Bad, and normally you will get rejected for loans. Some places will approve you at awful rates unless you have great income.

3. 550-600. Not good, but if you look around you can ussualy find someone to approve you at fairly high rates of course.

4. 600-630. Below average but not all that bad.

5.630-680 . Average and you can approved at decent rates.

6. 680-730. Good, you can ussualy get good rates, but not always the best.

7. 730 plus… Excellent and you can always get good rates.

Jenny asks…

What is the scale on credit scores? Does it differ from state to state?

Meaning what numbers generates poor to outstanding credit


100 – 300 poor
400 – 500 some what poor

Note – that is only an example, just to help get my question answered.
I’m not asking how I could obtain my own credit score, I want to know what is the levels of credit score numbers that ranges from poor to outstanding. Thanks for the input.

Credit-Repair-Guy answers:

The FICO score from FairIsaac is 300 to 850.
It does NOT vary state by state. You can get a breakdown of what ranges people fall in, as well as a lot of other information, at the URL I put in the source.

Sandra asks…

What is the credit score scale?

I know FICO scores range from 330 to 830, but does any one know what the scale is? What is scores constitute Excelent, Good, Average, Fair, and Poor? I know that a score above 760 is excelent, and anything below 600 is poor, but what is the scale for the scores inbetween?

Or, if it helps you, my socres are between 670 and 708. Where am I?

Credit-Repair-Guy answers:

You rank in the good portion. 645-650 is the national average, so if you are above say 680 or 690 to that 708 then you qualify as good.

Sharon asks…

What is the scale for credit scores?

Credit-Repair-Guy answers:

Experian, Trans Union & Equifax (the main 3 bureaus) and 4th largest is Innovis, all use a formula within FICO.

FICO scores range from 350 to 850.

I’m in the credit business and would be happy to share anything else you need to know.

Mary asks…

Credit Score Scale and Report?

Can anyone tell me where to find a credit score scale to understand the meanings of FICO scores and their significance?

Also if I could be directed to an actual FREE site to pull my credit report that would be helpful. Thanks!

Credit-Repair-Guy answers:

The credit score scale ranges from 300-850 FICO scores. These are issued by the credit bureaus who include Trans Union, Equifax and Experian.

300-500 is very low and typically means you’ve done something damaging
500-650 is still low yet sometimes capable of getting decent loans with
650-720 is a high FICO that will allow you get nice interest rates
720-850 is a very high score and you can almost walk on water at any lending department (of course other factors may be included for most loans)

I found an excellent resource that I’ve included below which will show you a graph of the credit score scale as well as many tips on how to increase your score very high within a short period of time.

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